Methods For Preventing Senior Citizen Scams

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The International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse and the United Nations has celebrated World Elder Abuse Awareness Day for 13 years. Its goal is to raise awareness about the importance of protecting the senior citizen from all forms of abuse, including physical, emotional, financial, and even sexual based on the National Council on Aging reports. 

Every year, 1 in 10 Americans 60 and older are victims of some abuse. That’s up to 5 million seniors each year. According to the agency’s findings, nearly half of all dementia patients have been victims of abuse or neglect.

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Don’t be duped by these tried-and-true scams.

senior citizen

Stopping Elder Abuse: 3 Crucial Steps

What Those Who Have Been Scammed Should Do?

Most of the time, elder abuse is perpetrated by members of the senior’s family or friends. Even while stranger scams are rare, when they do occur, the damages can be substantial. 

What Makes Older People Such Easy Prey For Fraud Schemes?

The majority of people who fall victim to fraud scams are thought to be among the most gullible. Sadly, elderly victims of fraudulent scams seem to be the most common. Fraudsters prey on the elderly as they’re more vulnerable, solitary, and gullible than younger people. Fraud targeting the elderly is frequently carried out over the cellphone, via door-to-door sales, or by ads. 

How To Keep Elderly People Safe:

While progress has been made in combating fraud against the elderly, the first line of defense remains the individual.

Consumers May Support The Elderly By Doing The Following Things:

  • Call Or Visit Regularly: If an elderly person makes a new “best buddy,” be cautious. Unless accompanied by a caretaker, he never appears to be available or able to answer the phone. Perhaps someone is exerting undue control over the senior citizen actions and decisions.
  • Give Caregivers A Break: Caretakers who are experiencing financial difficulties. An emotional thief may take the assets of individuals they are supposed to be looking after. Be aware of the caregiver and make sure they get adequate sleep. 

Ensure that the bank has measures in place. Set up a tiny bank account for your relative if you’re worried about her financial decisions. For example, the account could comprise a debit card and a bank account with a $300 spending limit. 

Can keep any additional funds in a more secure account this way. Provide for little account management. Transmit statements and notifications to a trusted third party who does not have direct access to the senior’s bank accounts.

To enable them to conduct fraud checks. EverSafe is another option. All of senior citizen online accounts are consolidated into one place, and suspicious activity is monitored regularly. In general, we found that EverSafe Essentials, one of its offerings, delivered on its promises.

senior citizen

There Has Been Some Progress:

There has been some progress in recent years thanks to the combined efforts of legislators, police enforcement, regulators, non-profits, and the private sector. Many banking institutions are teaching their tellers to pay attention to situations such as these.

An older customer who appears distressed or starts making massive withdrawals could be a victim of fraud. “Even if many organizations have thrown their weight behind the cause, more must be done to safeguard the hard-won freedoms. The retirement funds of the elderly, “AARP Public Policy Institute Senior Citizen Strategic Policy Advisor Jilenne Gunther agrees.

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