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Home care for the elderly has many advantages. By staying in your own four walls, habits and thus as much independence as possible are preserved. However, in order to benefit from these and other advantages of in-home care, a number of important conditions must be met.  Cooking, cleaning or shopping alone: ​​In old age this is no longer a matter of course. Many people need support in everyday life, but do not want to move to a nursing home straight away. Care for the elderly at home is an increasingly popular alternative.

What Level of Support Is Needed?

The exact nature of care for the elderly at home depends entirely on the extent to which support is required. Think carefully about which tasks you can still do yourself and where help is needed. Based on this consideration, you decide whether the care can be carried out in your own home.

In The Following Areas

  • Basic care: This includes personal hygiene and exercise (both within and outside of your own four walls).
  • Housekeeping: cleaning, cooking, shopping these and other housekeeping activities can be carried out at home as part of elderly care.
  • Treatment care: This includes medical support, e.g. administering medication you need professional help for such tasks.

Who Can Take Home Care of

Support in the areas of basic care and housekeeping can be provided by family members or caregivers (e.g. in the context of care in a domestic community). Our 24-hour care is a good solution because relatives are not burdened and yet empathetic, professional care can be provided around the clock.

Treatment care can only be carried out by specially trained staff. Our outpatient care services are suitable here, for example.

Is The Apartment / House Suitable For

Finally, you also need to think about whether the premises are suitable for home care for the elderly. For example, a guest room must be available for care in a domestic community.

Vast Experience in health care at home

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