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Assisted living at Home

Helping older people at home is a responsibility that often falls on the shoulders of those close to them. Elderly people are not always easy. Often touchy and demanding, they, like little children, need much more attention and care. And we understand this after all, elderly people feel loneliness more acutely, worry that they are losing strength and sometimes cannot walk on their own. However, due to the workload, the high pace of life, it is not always possible to be near your beloved relative. And if you care about him, contact health care services of Homely Elder Care Company. We will select an employee who will meet all your requirements and wishes.

Homely Elder Care Services is engaged in the organization of professional care for the sick, the elderly and the disabled at home and in hospitals. Our company is one of the first in Columbia, MD, and throughout Columbia, MD, a specialized patronage service. The leaders of our company were at the origin of the formation of the system of patronage care services in our country. Our managers know all the intricacies of caring for the sick and the elderly and will help you choose a nurse in accordance with the patient’s diagnosis and your wishes. And in the event of difficult situations, nurses will be consulted on any issues related to patient care. Our nurses do not just fulfil their duties, but try to become a friend of the patient. They respectfully and reverently treat all the wishes and requests of their patients. Tactfulness, benevolence and compassion are the special qualities of our patronage sisters.


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Rehabilitation For Seniors

Rehabilitation For Seniors

Providing appropriate rehabilitation services to older people is increasingly important for several reasons. The number of older people is growing and the importance of rehabilitation after stroke, hip fracture or illness is now recognized.
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Elder Care

Elder At-Home Care

For families who live far away from loved ones, home care providers like Homely Elder Care Company offer them, among other services, updates on senior well-being. Our Homely Elder Care Company provides an overview of the home care services available.
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Stroke survivors

Stroke Survivors

The goal of stroke rehab is to help you re-learn the skills you lost when part of the brain was affected. Stroke rehab can help you regain independence and improve your quality of life.
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Alzheimer's And Dementia Care Home

Alzheimer's Care Home

Many Comfort Guard provide care for clients with symptoms of illness of Alzheimer. Our professional supervision at your disposal can avoid many problems derived from Alzheimer.
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Dementia's Care Home

If you want to know all the advantages and facilities that we give you with caregivers for the elderly with dementia, find out without any commitment.
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We firmly believe that there is nothing better than aging at home, in your home, close to yours and with the best care services. With this mission in our head, we make an enormous effort to give you the best solutions to guarantee the best possible care service. We are a platform that connects families with caregivers. Caregivers that adapt to all your needs and demands thanks to our compatibility algorithm, supervised by our human resources team, with which we guarantee to find the ideal caregiver for each family. And not only that, our added value goes much further. We accompany you throughout the process, facilitating and managing the hiring and we make sure that everything goes smoothly. We do a thorough monitoring of the care services, and what if something goes wrong? We take care of fixing it.

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