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Caring for a loved one with dementia at home involves worrying about their safety. In addition to other health-related challenges, your family member may have visual perception and physical coordination issues, as well as difficulties comprehending directions and reading the world around him accurately or making sensible decisions. This means that you need help to avoid taking risks in your daily life.

A loved one with dementia will need support at home as the illness worsens. You might assist by trying to comprehend how the person with dementia observes their world. Offer the person with dementia a chance of talking about any kind of challenges and contribute in their daily care.

Start By Talking With Your Loved One’s Healthcare Provider.


  • Help the person stay calm and oriented
  • Make dressing and grooming easier
  • Talk to the person
  • Help with memory loss
  • Manage behavior and sleep problems
  • Promote activities that are stimulating and that you can enjoy
  • Tips for reducing confusion in people with dementia include:
  • Have familiar people and objects around. It can be helpful to have family photo albums.
  • Keep the lights on at night.
  • Provide reminders, notes, lists of routine tasks, or instructions for daily activities.
  • Stick to a simple activity schedule.
  • Talk about current events

Taking regular walks with a caregiver can help improve communication skills and prevent the person from wandering.

Soothing music can lessen restlessness and wandering, comfort anxiety, and recover behavior and sleep.

People having dementia must have their eyes and ears checked. Whether any issues are originated, glasses, hearing aids, or cataract surgery might be required.

People with dementia should also have frequent driving tests. At some point, it will no longer be safe for them to continue driving. This may not be an easy conversation. Seek help from your provider or another family member. State laws are different about when a person with dementia should stop driving. Have a talk to the worker regarding the requirement for additional calories because of better physical activity because of wandering and restlessness.

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