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Alzheimer’s disease is a situation that causes abnormalities in the brain, primarily affecting memory and rest of the mental abilities. Alzheimer’s happen to be a disease that happens not to be an usual part of aging. Usually the first symptom is memory loss. As the disease progresses, the loss of reasoning ability, speech, decision-making ability, judgment and other critical abilities make it impossible to lead a daily life without help from others, most of the time the help comes from a family member or friend. Sometimes, but not all the time, difficult personality and behavior changes occur.

Physical Activity & Exercise

Being exercising and active helps the individual with Alzheimer’s make feel better. Exercise use to help keep your joints, muscles, and heart healthy. It also happens to help people keep a fit weight and have steady bowel effort and sleep habits. You can exercise together to make it more fun.

Here Are Some Tips To Help The Person With

  • Walk together every day. Exercise is also good for people who care for the sick!
  • Our experts make sure the person with Alzheimer’s has an identification bracelet with their phone number in case the person is walking alone.
  • We check our local television guide to see if there is a television program designed to help older adults with exercise.
  • When they exercise, play music, if that helps the person with Alzheimer’s. Dance to the music if possible.
  • We watch exercise videos designed for older adults. Try to exercise together with the person.
  • We make sure the person wears comfortable clothing and shoes that well fitted and use to be made for workout.
  • We ensure that the person use to drink water or juice post exercise.
  • We are realistic about how much activity you can do at one time. It may be best to do several small, short exercises.

The role of our caregiver changes over time as the needs of the person with Alzheimer’s change. The table below shows a summary of the stages of Alzheimer’s, what types of behaviors to expect, care information, and recommendations related to each stage of the disease.

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