A Guideline to Care Elderly People

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Life expectancy is constantly growing, thanks to advancements in pharmaceuticals and medicine. Perhaps the number of elderly people has never been so high in the history of civilization. The fact that almost every one of us will, sooner or later, have to deal with the problem of caring for relatives of a suitable age defines a particular situation.

When many generations lived together in ancient times. Caring for the sick and the aged falls nearly equally on the heads of all households. What to do if you have a relative who can no longer completely serve himself, and how to organize care for the elderly properly?


Features Of Elderly People Care

Unfortunately, not only experience but even disease comes with age. In their elderly years, even those who could boast of their excellent health experience different illnesses in their youth. 

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It happens that a person’s character does not shift with age for the better in old age and diseases. There is nothing fun, besides, many elderly people feel that time has brought them to the sidelines of life. They suffer from isolation, lack of demand, and helplessness sometimes.

That is why it is a difficult and responsible business to care for the elderly, which requires patience and tact. As well as special medical abilities and psychological and geriatric skills. And, of course, at times elderly people, are like small children, often are unable to take care of themselves on their own, even in the simplest everyday tasks, they need support.

But how is it possible to organize elderly care?

A Specialized Institution

In all conditions, there are specialist boarding houses for the aged. Many of whom are admitted as fully independent patients, as well as persons with reduced mobility and bedridden patients. As well as persons with severe accidents, surgeries, and illnesses. 

These boarding houses provide both day-to-day care and rehab facilities. It can be set up for either temporary or long-term stays. It is possible to separate all institutions of this kind into public and private.

You can reach the municipal nursing home for free. But it’s hard to get there because you need to go through a lot of bureaucratic checks for this.

  • First of all, obtain certificates from the pharmacy, the social security department, and the pension fund, pass a lot of tests and even include an excerpt from the house book.
  • Secondly, you will have to wait before the room becomes open, even after that, and sometimes the wait lasts for several months.

There is a view that municipal nursing homes are far from being the safest location for the elderly. This is partially true: a distinct lack of support is faced by some state-run boarding houses. Renovation and replacement of furniture have not been done for several years in most boarding houses, there is only one nurse for every 10-20 old people who can not keep track of every resident. 

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Sometimes, tools for planning recreational events are also lacking, and there is a shortage of such basic items as personal care products, diapers, and other consumables. This is not the case everywhere, of course, and there are several outstanding government agencies providing services for the elderly. But, as a rule, a person does not choose when getting a referral to a nursing home.

Private Nursing Home

Private nursing homes are a lot like good country inns, offering care for the elderly. They are typically situated in ecologically clean areas, their territory is landscaped, guests are accommodated in 1-4-bed quarters. They also have entertainment, in addition to medical supervision, regular treatment, and recovery services: special animation programs themed sports, workshops, masterclasses, concerts, gaming programs, walks, and picnics. And these are not trivial things at all. In such boarding houses, elderly people do not just exist, but live a full life, connect with their friends and make new acquaintances. All of this will avoid the development of depression that people of old age suffer too much from.

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