Homely Elder Care Services In

Prince George's County

We provide round-the-clock care for the elderly throughout Prince George’s County. Our charges are both people who require constant nursing or medical care, after hospitalization or who have problems with movement, as well as seniors who find it increasingly difficult to carry out everyday activities. So far, the answer to such problems has been a permanent residence centre for the elderly.

We can help you. We provide a wide range of home care services dedicated to the elderly and chronically ill in Prince George’s County and the surrounding area.

Dementia And Alzheimer’s In Prince George’s  County

We will assist when a loved one’s disease affects life and it becomes more impossible to care for them alone.

We include carer service at the ward’s home or 24-hour care of the care and nursing team, counsellor and doctor care, an intensive recovery programme, and physical therapy in our nursing home, depending on the needs. We also host support group gatherings. We also have genetic testing for predisposition to Alzheimer’s disease.

The elderly people close to you need assistance with their everyday lives, and you are unable to often assist them? Or maybe they need specialist assistance?

Do you want your loved ones to be able to get rehabilitation in the comfort of their own home? Or maybe you need the services of a nurse to draw blood or conduct other examinations.

We offer support to aged caregivers and care aides, as well as home visits by nurses, physicians, and physiotherapists.

Daycare In Prince George’s  County

If your job or other responsibilities prevent you from caring for your loved one as long as they need it, bring them to our daycare home.

We will provide him with professional care as well as therapeutic classes. The senior will spend time in the company of people of his age and health.

Rehabilitation In Prince George’s  County

Stroke, fracture, endoprosthesis implantation, prophylaxis etc …

Regardless of the type of rehabilitation, the professional approach of our physiotherapists, their patience and kindness towards patients is the key to success in the daily progress and recovery of rehabilitated people. Take advantage of our offer and see for yourself.

Prince George's County

Prince George's County

If you or your loved one have just left the hospital, had surgery or were ill for a long time and you should lead a sparing lifestyle, use our help. Home support, rehabilitation, recovery stays – everything to help you get back to health and fitness.

Palliative Care In Prince George’s  County

In order to ensure the best quality of life for the patient, dignity in passing away and psychological support for the patient and his relatives, we offer support from nurses, palliative medicine doctor, psychologist, both as part of home care and inpatient care.

Inpatient Care In Prince George’s County

We prove that a nursing home can become a new “home” for the elderly.

Our centres are places where we surround seniors with warmth and care, where we organize various therapeutic activities, as well as physical rehabilitation. Constant care of nurses and carers, as well as a call system, guarantee safety.

We offer short and long stays, as well as rehabilitation stays. We offer a stay in one of two houses, depending on the health condition and needs of the senior citizen.

Retirement Home In Prince George’s  County

Depending on the health condition and needs of the elderly, we provide a wide range of stays in our retirement home in the vicinity of Prince George’s County.

We Offer Stays:

  • for people who require constant and professional care or are still relatively independent, but are looking for a change, rest, rehabilitation, companionship and a sense of security,
  • for seniors who suffer from dementia, Alzheimer’s or other neurological diseases.

How Can Elderly People Get In-home Care?

This is the simple part. Only send us a call and tell us how we might assist you. We’ll make a recommendation for you centred on the elderly loved one’s degree of freedom, age, safety, or any other factors you think are important.

Furthermore, there are still so many activities to do in our elderly care services in Prince George’s County that it’s a terrible waste of time thinking about the future or missing out on the chance to enjoy the present. It’s much easier to delegate your duties to a capable specialist and take advantage of numerous opportunities for family time.

Taking your elderly loved one to see the world-famous La Brea Tar Pits is bound to be more unforgettable than assisting them to the facilities. Some problems can’t be stopped, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be mitigated. At the very least, not if we can avoid it. A Better Way is the right way to go whether your elderly loved ones need extensive senior treatment in such a place or you want to delight them with the finest in-home care of Prince George’s County seniors.

What Is The Easiest Way To Locate The Best Senior In-home Care Services?

We will put you in touch with such a Prince George’s County caregiver who will treat your aged loved one with dignity and kindness he and she deserves. Furthermore, the caregiver will assume many roles that you would otherwise be responsible for, allowing you to devote more time with yourself or and your own family. Among the tasks that must be completed on a regular basis are:

  • Assist with light housework tasks such as washing, dishes, bedsheet changes, and pet as well as plant care.
  • Reminding elderly to take their drugs and follow their doctor’s orders
  • Activities such as lotion application are examples of personal patient care.
  • Exercising and cycling are two of the most effective ways to lose weight.
  • Help with incontinence problems

A diligent caregiver could be the solution if the possibility of falling is a major concern. While you have further time for yourself, the elderly relative will benefit from the comfort and familiarity from their own home, as well as improved daily living standards and continued freedom. To make this possible, ABW assists you in finding the ideal caregiver for your family.


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